Over 60 years in rice business, We have made our commitment in developing and improving our people as well as our production standards to serve the markets for quality rice.

With annual capacity of 150,000 metric tones, aiming for quality improvement and job creation. Fully equipped with new production technology that facilitating a significant quality improvement for domestic market and exports. We has hired more than 100 employees from the local and has been in good relationship with the local farmers. We have a strong commitment to quality control from the paddy fields thru processing, packaging and prompt delivery. Modern technology contributes to the uniformity and consistency of our rice. Through the milling and processing procedures, each kernel of rice is carefully monitored for size, shape and color. Broken and discolored grains are separated from the production process, leaving unblemished, equal-sized kernels that lead to quality of purity of our finished products.


Thai white rice is referred as polished rice or regular-milled rice.

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Known as Sticky rice or Sweet rice, Rich of carbohydrate has given more energy.

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100% Premium grade of Glutinous rice, Planting in Thailand best area for grown rice seed.

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Aromatic Jasmine rice. Originated in Thailand, Known as the best quality of rice.

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